EMNLP 2017: Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing — September 7–11, 2017 — Copenhagen, Denmark.


SIGDAT, the Association for Computational Linguistics special interest group on linguistic data and corpus-based approaches to NLP, invites you to participate in EMNLP 2017.


Can I get my poster printed locally?

You can print posters locally at Vester Kopi, a copy shop about a 10min walk away from the conference center. You can upload the poster as PDF and request A0 format at their website.

Please specify that this is a poster for EMNLP, and mention ACL to get a discount of 15%. Find the copy shop here.

How to get free access to the DGI swim and gym?

Just show up with your badge. Both are located in the main building of DGI-Byen (entrance across the plaza from CPH Conference, up the stairs; see map).

How do I get on the conference wifi?

If you like the internet, you use the details below to get online:

Network: oeksne
Password: [email protected]

How do vote on my favourite poster?

Cast a vote for the Poster Audience Award. This year at EMNLP, we will let the audience decide on their favourite poster, which will receive a prize at the end of the conference.

Attendees can vote for up to 3 posters via the voting form, either through 3 single votes or 3 votes at the same time. Responses can be edited. To make voting even easier, there will a QR code on a sheet next to each poster. Scanning this code will lead you directly to the voting form, with the respective poster preselected as your voting choice. There is a wide choice of free QR code scanners are available in app stores. Simply download and install one of them, open the app and hold your device with the camera facing towards the QR code, which will scan it and display a URL you can then open.